Best is an international design consultancy with a global network of over forty specialists reaching from Asia to Europe. Our principals in Hong Kong, Milan and Florence provide bespoke consultancy services by selecting among our masterful specialists to create the right working team. We’ve created a high-tech and flexible structure of interconnected and highly qualified professionals, artisans and manufacturers that makes the impossible possible in the modern world. 

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Best Italian Interiors

Best has over 25 years of experience in design, branding and manufacturing and its exceptional network of sources and suppliers effectively and efficiently delivers a detailed and complete package for design and brand image projects in both Europe and Asia

Best is a unique translator of East and West, bringing together cultures in a holistic approach that distils the essence of design, blending needs and vision with solutions to generate innovation and value.

Best assists clients with Concept Design, Interior Design, Architectural Design, Space Planning, Project Implementation, Lighting Design, Tailor-made Design, Branding Design